Wildcard Coffee Beans - Brew Guide

You're going to love your Wildcard coffee beans, and we're here to help you get the best taste out of them. Getting a great coffee at home really comes down to a few main things:

  • Coffee Grind Size
  • Amount of Extraction, and
  • Water Ratio.

As a general rule, the more water there is compared to the amount of coffee, the less intense the coffee flavour will be. The flavour will then also increase as the contact time with the water goes up, because the longer the coffee is in the water, the more coffee flavour is pulled out. The intensity of the flavour will also increase as the grind size gets smaller because it needs less contact time to fully extract smaller "pieces" of coffee.

This is why espresso has the most intensity with the smallest amount of water and the finest grind, when compared to a French Press which has much more water and a coarser grind size.

Here's how we recommend you brew your coffee at home depending on which method you use.

French Press

Use 30g of coarsely ground coffee with ~350g of freshly boiled water in the pot. Leave it to steep for 4 minutes, making sure at the start that all the coffee is covered by water (and not floating on the top) and then strain and enjoy.


Use 15g of medium size ground coffee with 225-300ml of freshly boiled water depending on how strong you like your coffee. Pour the water slowly over the top and leave a little time between each pour for the water to settle and for gases to release (called the "bloom").


Use 12g of medium fine ground coffee, with 200ml of boiled water. Leave the water in contact with the coffee for no more than 2 minute, then place your plunger on top and push.


We usually start off with 18g fine ground coffee, resulting in 36g in the cup in around 30 seconds. This is just a starting point as espresso is the most complex and difficult brew method to get right. Charlie, our coffee roaster, has made many videos about this topic on his YouTube channel.

Check those out HERE.


Did you run out of coffee?

If you need more coffee, check out our subscription plans where you can get a regular dose of your favourite beans.