Wholesale Coffee

Do you want to sell your own coffee, but without all the hassle and cost of building, training and staffing a big roasting operation?

White Label is where we source and roast the coffee, but the bags and designs are all yours so you can sell your customers coffee with your own labels on it. This way, the customers associate the amazing coffee with your brand and your cafe, which keeps them coming back to buy more coffee directly from you.

We're based in Cambridgeshire, and all of our coffee is roasted by us in Elsworth.

How Does It Work?

- Speciality-Grade Bean Selection

First we'll help you through choosing which beans you like the flavours of and want to sell. We have a lot of beans in stock and can order all sorts of exciting coffees for you coffee brand, and can do tasting sessions with your staff so you know all about the coffee you're going to sell to your customers.

- Your Brand

Choose what you want your bags and labels to look like, either with your own designers or working with our established team and processes. We have connections to industry professionals who can meet your requirements, or we can work with your designers.

- Sell Direct Or Delivered

Once you have your beans and bags selected, we roast both for your cafe stock and for your retail bags. Don't have the space or time to do deliveries to online customers? We can help you sort out the online store and deliver directly to your customers.

We roast our coffee on a Garanti 5kg roaster, and our processes allow us to quickly adjust to how much coffee you might need. Need 10kg per week for your cafe? We've got you sorted with regular deliveries. Running out of coffee? No problem, just message us and we'll make sure you're topped up.

Cafe Training Made Easy

We'll also train your staff on how to make the absolute best of your beans. You can easily have your staff:

- Fully ready to make all espresso and coffee based drinks in your cafe

- Able to talk knowledgeably about your coffee beans with enthusiast customers

- Capable of building up a workflow to serve more drinks faster, even during a busy rush of pre-caffeinated customers.


Contact us to discuss your coffee business requirements and how we can help you.

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